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Remote Sensing Geology.There has been phenomenal growth in the field of remote sensing over the last two to three decades. It has been applied in the fields of geology, mineral exploration, forestry, agriculture, hydrology, soils, land use etc. – that is, in all pursuits of sciences dealing with the features, processes, and phenomena operating at the earth’s surface. The status of geological remote sensing has rapidly advanced and the scientific literature is scattered. The aim of the present book is to systematically discuss the specific requirements of geological remote sensing, to summarize the techniques of remote sensing data collection and interpretation, and to integrate the technique into geoexploration. The main conceptual features of the book are: – To combine various aspects of geological remote sensing, ranging from the laboratory spectra of minerals and rocks to aerial and space-borne remote sensmg. – To integrate photogeology into remote sensing. – To promote remote sensing as a tool in integrated geoexploration. – To elucidate the wide-spectrum geoscientific applications of remote sensing, ranging from meso- to global scale. The book has been written to satisfy the needs of mainly graduate students and active research workers interested in applied earth sciences. It is primarily concept -oriented rather than system- or module-oriented.


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